bears & breakfast
bears & breakfast

In the big kitchen of the house we serve the typical Italian breakfast made with milk, coffee, bread, butter, jam, salami, cheese and the exclusive of the house: THE FLORENTINE APPLE PIE.


White flour 100 g
Spelt meal 150 g
White sugar 100 g
Brown sugar 100 g
Dried grapes 50 g
Versilian pine-seeds 50 g
Vin Santo of Tuscany 2 glasses
Olive oil of Tuscany 1 glass
Milk 1 glass
1 biological lemon
3 eggs
Rennet apples 1,5 kilo
Baking-powder 1 small envelope

How-to (about 45 mins)

Put the grapes into lukewarm water for 30 minutes; then strain it and put into the Vin Santo.
Peel the rennets and slice them finely.
Grease a 40-45 cm pie-dish by butter and breadcrumbs.

Work yolks and 1 albumen with sugar till to obtain a clear cream.
Work the other two albumens till to obtain a solid mousse.
Add slowly meals, baking-powder, oil, albumen mousse, milk, vanilla, working always dough softly.
Add grapes and pine-seeds, the gated peel of lemon and its filtered juice always working the dough.

Finally put everything into the baking-dish and put on the rennets in circles.
Cover with butter flakes and dust with sugar.
Put into the heated oven at 180° C. Cook for 35-40 minutes and let cool. Dust with cinnamon as you like. all contents © 2005 - contacts top